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Additional benefits of CollectConnect:

  • Provides for Resident direct communication with GreenWay Waste & Recycling staff – nothing to download, just a QR code to scan

  • Manage requested services, including Pet Park Cleaning, Bulk debris removal, additional container delivery

  • See violation history for a specific unit, a community, or an entire portfolio

  • Send and receive communication regarding service delays, Holidays, or any non-standard service event

  • Monitor time/attendance of Porter Service


Our exclusive web base application, CollectConnect, ensures that our collectors stay aware of route specifics, promotes resident compliance, and provides for consistent management of requested tasks in addition to being a tool for company accountability.


All on-site activities are monitored to ensure your residents and staff receive consistent, unparalleled service.  Additional services can be requested and confirmed using the application, virtually eliminating delays and miscommunication.


GreenWay’s software application allows clients and residents to communicate directly with our team.  Whether it’s doorstep collection, bulk needs, pet waste removal, pet park cleaning, or any other services we perform, CollectConnect is a virtual one-stop shop for requests, monitoring, verification, or reporting on requested services.  Additionally, our collectors or the community maintenance staff can submit a time/date stamped photo identifying any infraction of the community standards. 


The application provides easy access for consistent and more efficient communication between GreenWay Waste & Recycling and our clients as they stay better aware of their community's total waste stream.


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