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Door Side Collection has been consistently rated as the #1 amenity residents have come to love, and the only amenity residents use multiple times a week on a consistent basis. GreenWay Waste & Recycling's proven business model keeps control over your community's waste stream making life easier for, residents and maintenance staff alike.   


Some of these benefits include:

No upfront cost, eliminating budgeting

A proven amenity to increase resident retention, and new leases

Offering residents an eco-friendly option with RightWay Recycling program

Door Side Collections is an amenity nearly all residents enjoy, more than the estimated 18% who enjoy a gym-pool-playground-car wash

Professional presence on the property up to 22 times per month in the evening hours when the management, and maintenance staffs are gone

Standardized collection containers w/attached lids, eliminating  odors

Unique leak proof collection totes, and carts designed by GreenWay avoiding odors, leaks, or stains on walkways, breezeways, or halls

A better quality of life as residents do not have to place trash in their vehicle, or walk it to the dumpster/compactor during inclement weather, or evening hours

No visable signs of service in the community during leasing hours

Limited trash exposure as it is quietly removed shortly after it is set out

Community operating costs are reduced by an estimated 2 labor hours per day utilizing our Maintenace Essentials Services, saving an estimated $40.00 unit/year

Dumpsters, Trash Rooms, and Compactor Areas are cleaned nightly

Community maintenance staff can focus on work orders, preventive maintenance, and unit turns instead of hassling with the waste stream issues that occur

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