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5 Nights Per Week Personal Waste Collection Service

With GreenWay Waste & Recycling, you do not need to be a homeowner to receive the convenience of waste collection service.  We provide a smart and sanitary way to take your trash out.  Simply bag and tie your trash and recyclables, place the bags into the provided GreenWay collection container, and set it outside your door during the designated service times and days.*  Collection at your community will begin promptly at 8:00pm.


TeamGreenWay will collect all of your waste, and deliver it to the community's dumpsters, or compactor.  Simply retrieve your empty collection container, and place it back inside your residence by 9:00am the following morning.*


This means with this service, you no longer need to place your trash in your vehicle or make that long walk at night, or during inclement weather to the dumpsters/compactor to dispose of it yourself.


In addition, living an Eco-friendly lifestyle has never been easier with our convenient RightWay Recycling program. Residents have consistently ranked living in a sustainable, environmentally conscious community at the top of their list.




*GreenWay Waste & Recycling offers communities numerous options, collection dates, and service times.  Consult with your property management staff to verify the collection days, and service times on your property, or contact us toll free at 800.552.4640.

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